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Titan Academy has created an application process to give athletes a platform of exposure to the coaching team at Titan Taekwondo. By filling in and returning the application form, athletes gain the opportunity to be considered to join Titan Taekwondo’s Elite Sports Pathway. Titan Taekwondo’s Elite Sports Pathway is a programme that has been set up to prepare, train and manage athletes for the best chances in the selection process of the British Olympic Taekwondo team.

At Titan Taekwondo, we strive to bring the best out of every athlete through creating a supportive, focussed and challenging environment that is dedicated to developing the highest levels of performance in Taekwondo. This form provides a chance for athletes of any background and experience to present their interest in pursuing the opportunities offered by the Titan Taekwondo’s Elite Sports Pathway. For more specific details about the Elite Team, please get in touch through the form below to receive an application form. (Only available to current titan students)

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