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Private lessons are an excellent way to improve at a faster rate or help develop techniques and weaknesses. They are very popular, especially before grading dates to help students feel fully confident about all their techniques and syllabus. They are also helpful for additional preperation before competitions to ensure competeing at the highest possible levels. There are several options and packages, but the most popular is 1-to-1 as the instructors attention is fully on the student and their needs. Private lessons availability depends on the instructor's schedule and the availability of the venue. To book a private lesson or receive more information, please get in touch through the form below.

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Health, Safety, and LearningnThrough Having Fun

Titan Taekwondo X club conducts classes for both children and adults.
Perfectly trained staff in a calm yet strict atmosphere will make each participant of the course overcome their fear of fighting, get confident, learn traditional techniques while having fun, getting fitter and learning self-defence.

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