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The Masters

The Masters

Master Brian Robinson &
Master Luke Robinson


Titan Academy is run by Master Brian Robinson (6th Dan) and Master Luke Robinson (world's youngest 6th Dan) who are the founders. They are supported by Master Sally Coster (4th Dan) and Instructor Zoe Purdy (2nd Dan).

Master Luke started training Taekwondo at the young age of 4, became a black belt at 10 and started teaching soon after. Later in life he encouraged his father, Master Brian, to open up their own Taekwondo club and Titan Academy was born.
Master Luke became the youngest 6th Dan in the world when he was awarded his 6th Dan at the age of 30.
He was also the National Coach for Poomsae for the UK TDC Team and has won several national and international competitions in both categories, Sparring and Poomsae. He now dedicates his time to passing on his skills to his students and his Squad Team. In 2020 Master Luke received an award and was inducted into the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

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